Amy H.


Working in the fashion industry as a wardrobe stylist, Amy knows the importance of keeping your body healthy and fit. Six years ago she discovered the Lagree workout and immediately became hooked. Shortly after she started instructing in Miami. These days, when she's not working on a photo shoot you can find her teaching Megaformer at 8 Springs!


Latesha W-F.


As a mom of two and holder of multiple degrees in marketing, Latesha is no stranger to hard work.  She was instantly impressed with the "less time, more intensity" model of the Lagree Method and how it fit into her busy life as an advertising executive.  

As an instructor, she loves to focus on thigh and core exercises and inspires her clients to push harder and dig deeper. According to her, music "is what powers you through your workouts" so she always keeps the playlist fresh. From rookies to veterans, her goal is to inspire and foster confidence for all of those ready to make a commitment to their bodies. 

Nicole T.


Hailing from Southern California, fitness is her forte. From tee-ball to competitive softball after high school, she has been an athlete her whole life and continues to search for ways to challenge her body.

Before finding Megaformer, she was a committed gym rat with her most recent emphasis on lifting weights. Body building led to an increased awareness of anatomy, muscle isolation, and proper form. Nicole holds certifications in Pilates, TRX, and Megaformer/ LaGree Fitness Method. Her knowledge of the body and body mechanics is substantial, and ever growing.  Anyone from seasoned athletes to complete newbies will appreciate this trainer’s hardcore yet nurturing approach.

Gareth K.


While on tour performing in Australia, Gareth worked with casts of professional dancers and actors plagued with injuries and issues due to the demanding nature of their work. He wanted to help his colleagues with injury prevention and create better functional ability and stabilization. After his studies at PTA Academy, the pioneers of functional anatomy and effective movement, he created "Bind Fitness". A program that concentrated on the cohesion of body and mind, training his fellow performers to strengthen their bodies to prevent these on going injuries. 
Gareth specializes in group training, TRX and Primal Patterns movements training.
Get ready to sweat and have some fun!!!


Mallory D.


Mallory believes in teaching a class that guides students to engage in a class that works for them. Every body is different and through Mallory's training she understands that yoga can be adapted to teach any type of body. She has a knack for being technical and she will guide each body into a safe and aligned pose through her words. Yoga has become an integral part of her day to day life and it is Mallory's privilege to share this knowledge with her students. Yoga began as a form of exercise and grew into a way of life. Yoga has encouraged her to be more mindful in her day to day life. It has allowed her to pause, evaluate and reassess every situation. While her practice on the mat is invaluable, it is her practice off that mat that has promoted her individual growth.

Shaye H.


Shaye has been performing all over the world professionally for the last 10 years. During that time she became extremely interested in developing a regime that she could do on a day to day basis for injury prevention, as well as strength and longevity. This led to Shaye obtaining her Personal Training qualifications from Acumotum Personal Training Academy. Under the guidance of Paul Taylor she received a comprehensive education in anatomy, worksite wellness, fitness assessment and prescription, as well as athletic training. Shaye has been working with professional performers for the last 6 years one-on-one in small groups, as well as starting her own successful PT business with her husband in Sydney, Australia.


Lara M.


This Cast Iron Lofts resident is as strong as they come. Breast cancer survivor and entrepreneur, Lara believes in a wholistic approach to health and happiness. When she's not organizing charity events, or taking care of her beloved dog Lola, you can find her teaching Yoga at 8 Springs! Come unwind with the Jersey City Sweetheart.

Julia L.


As a manager at Lululemon Athletica and a Pilates instructor, fitness is not an option, it is a way of life. Julia has been an athlete since childhood and transitioned right from organized sports to becoming an avid runner. There was peace in the individual sport, but something was missing. She got back into group fitness with yoga, Pilates and spin and was most inspired by the mind body workout. She believes that the stronger you are from deep within will create strength throughout the whole body efficiently. Her fitness journey most recently introduced her to Megaformer, and there is nothing quite like it. Her classes are challenging, fun and sweaty with great playlists to keep you motivated. Feel stronger, longer and ready to take on the day after her class! Ready to sweat?!? 

Rachel B.

MEGAFORMER, Total Body Sculpt

Born and raised in Melbourne, Rachel was put on the stage at the age of five. Training in all facets of dance, it became her absolute passion and life force. She has spent the past 20 years touring, performing, choreographing and directing all over the world in some of Broadways longest running hit musicals and more. Spending her life on the stage, her body has become her instrument. 

Rachel's passion for a strong healthy life is endless. She loves helping others dream, believe and achieve there goals. Nothing is impossible. Once you have built a strong foundation of loving and respecting your body, you will gain the confidence needed to achieve the long, lean, gorgeous lines of a dancer.  Join her for a fun-filled high energy Megaformer or Total Body Sculpt class!