40 minutes of intense TRX training that will develop a rock-solid core and increase muscular endurance

Total body sculpt

Designed to strengthen the cardiovascular system, tone muscles, boost balance, and flexibility. Start with brief cardio segments and transition the focus to core, strength and muscle endurance for a complete body sculpt


Train your body to be fitter quicker and sexier as you progress through this full-body workout. TRX suspension training and Bosu balls improve core strength and stabilization. Dynamic high intensity drills accelerate fat loss, improve sports performance and increase energy and metabolism. Bring a towel and get ready to come our DRENCHED in this 55 minutes class

Fusion Pilates

This is not your average Pilates mat class! This class will incorporate various props, including Bosu and mini hand weights to challenge both core and peripheral muscle groups. The programming will focus on strengthening and lengthening every muscle group from head to toe. This class aims to build total overall body muscle strength using the alignment principles of Pilates so that your muscles are long and toned and work efficiently with any movement! You will leave feeling strong, balanced and able to sit and stand a bit taller!!


Syncing movement with the breath, Vinyasa Yoga is a flowing meditation that awakens & engages the body, calms the mind, and inspires your natural healing energy to rise from within. Whether you are curious beginner or a seasoned practitioner, we invite you to experience a well-rounded, transformative practice that will revitalize, strengthen, as well as calm your mind, body, and spirit. With attention to healthy posture alignment, breath awareness, and gentle hands-on assists from the instructor, you will be safely guided to exploring your practice’s energetic capabilities. Accompanied by aromatherapy, the practice concludes with a relaxing, meditative Savasana (“resting pose”) to heal the mind, body, and soul.

***BYOM - Bring Your Own Mat.